Oro Q19


Colour is life, a form of expression capable of turning space into a mix of inspiration, emotion and wonder. Today, the energy released through colour plays a vital role in architecture and is an essential element in achieving a harmonious and modulated balance within interior décor.

The New Colour Collection provides endless ways to explore interior design through colour.

Red is pure energy: a colour that firmly states its lively personality.
It can be used to add charm to interior designs or create strong contrasting accents that break the monotony of the décor. Its chromatic variations, which give way to soft, delicate pinks, can be used to enhance the warmth and intimacy of any environment.

The New Colour Collection is characterized not only by its wavy glass design, but by the form of its terminal and angular pieces which make it possible to create all-glass walls full of colour and character—that add shape, style and light to interior designs.

Seves was the first to introduce colour to the glass block in the 1990’s and continues today to offer the largest selection of glass block colours: a chromatic palette that ranges from airy pastels to bright and brillant tones.

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Weight 5.24 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 3.13 × 7.5 in
Block Type

Q19, Curved Terminal, Angular, Linear Terminal