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Seves Design Line

Creativity and style

Transforming a glass block into an object of Design.
Overcoming the historical severity of a material that until yesterday was considered ’poor’ by releasing its full potential.
This is the challenge that Seves has taken on. This challenge has led to an entire line of glass blocks which is able to communicate with the world of design and architecture.
The Design line has been developed thanks to the contributions and experience of leading figures in contemporary architecture and design who have shared our desire to express a new concept of glass block inspired by principles such as creativity, style, functionality and innovation.

Cooperation with Renzo Piano, the very first experience of the Tailor-Made service offered by Seves, has been instrumental in developing unique and highly innovative technologies. When applied to the manufacturing of the 19×19 standard module, these technologies have led to the creation of the ’winged’ Pegasus glass block, an excellent example of lines carrying the same name as this format: Pegasus and Pegasus Metallizzato collections. The mould-breaking Pegasus has done away with joints and has freed walls from any interruption in the continuity of glass.

As well as the special format, the introduction of coloured glass blocks is an important step in the repositioning of this product. Colour, in fact, brings a new dimension to the design work. Initially, 9 pastel shades were added to the traditional neutral colour. More recently, the Mendini Collection, a range of brightly coloured blocks, whose tones draw inspiration from the colours of nature and precious stones, has been added. Timeless projects such as Maison Hermès in Tokyo, the Tiberio’s Baths in Panticosa on the Spanish Pyrenees and the Library of the University of Deusto founded by the Jesuits in Bilbao have led to the creation of the unique pieces of the Ginza Collection, the Trapezoidal and the Doric blocks.

The glass block has been enriched by all this work, and its shape, size, colour and technology have been transformed. Thanks to this new wealth of changes, the glass block is now ready to offer architects and interior designers new and extraordinary expressive tools.

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